1. Human need basic needs to stay alive. The basic needs are air, water, food and

1. Human need air to breathe.
2. Human breathe in and breathe out air through their nose.
3. Without air, humans could not breathe and would die.
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1. Water is very important to humans.
2. Human need water:
     a) to replace water that is lost during breathing, sweating and
     b) to remove waste products from the body.
     c) to digestion.
     d) to grow and stay healthy.
     e) to control body temperature.
     f) for bathing, washing and cleaning.
3. Our bodies are largely made up of water; more than half of 
    our   weight is water.
4. when we breathe, sweat and urinate, our bodies will lose   
5. In order to maintain our body, we need to dringk seven glasses of water
    every day.
6. We also obtain water from food we eat. Food like vegetables and fruits contain
    a large amount of water.
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1. Human need food to stay alive.
2. Food helps us to:
    a) grow
    b) gain energy
    c) build and replace damaged cells and tissues
3. A balanced diet helps us to stay healthy. it contains all
    classes of food in the correct amount.
4. Human need to eat and dringk to help them grow and stay

1. Humans need shelter to protect themselves from danger and
    bad weather like hot, cold, rain and storms.
2. There are different types of human shelters, namely double -
    storey houses, long houses, apartments, single storey houses,
    huts and flats.